Thursday, May 29, 2008

A day with running nose is not OK… Im just a bit unwell… My mind was away and I don’t feel like to talk much today… I prefer to be silence. What happen to Pelangi FM on the ‘Ada-ada saja’? You guys don’t have nothing new kh? Coz it already on air last 3 weeks… Do you think people don’t notice? And do you think they get credit for singing on the phone? NOT! Itz sounds from good to worst... Even if you have GOOD voice...OUT BAH KO NYANYI LAGU ELLA TU DANG!!

And what happen to you my friend? It seems we don’t have much to talk nowadays… Busy much? You know wat.. You seem pretty lost.. Thanx for wat you have said this morning… F*** OFF! And and… don’t put that FAKE SMILE… Your smile is a killer… Your words are FULL of ****! You are retarded, ok?!! 

Then, went out to lunch with Jeff, Nana and Liley… We really had a good old time like we used to be.. hehe.. Then, went back to ITB for SDP meeting…

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