ASSignment = Ecstasy

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

NAM test was…. Was… was… ok… *I think* the last question was confusing… I ‘membual’ most of it =D im not even ready for the test… and most of the questions taken from TUTORIALS which I didn’t finish it either…

We got ‘nasi katok’ for the lunch… itz in the middle of the month okay… mun melayunya ‘ani kan bulan tuha’… understand?no? entah lah labu…

Back to ITB, I met my AP group discussing about the assignment… it’s the first time I do my assignment with them… it’s a great teamwork… we do our research individually and will compile it later.. the assignment is about procedural programming and object-oriented programming.. who’s says programming is easy? Even Microsoft took 5 years to build the windows vista… and you just buy the pirated windows vista?Itz not fair eh… OH HELLO~ THIS IS BRUNEI… We have many pirated providers here :P Buy it as many as you can while still available AHAHA this issues also had been rise by some of the bulletin’s reader a few weeks ago regarding Intellectual Property rights (IP)… bla bla bla… who really cares about that? You? :P

After AP meeting, then I met Nisah and Qis to discuss about MWA assignment… oh hello~~ two ASSignments due in the same week? Assignment = ecstasy… it make you all high... it make you fly~ Bring it on baby! I LOVE ASSignment~ ASSignment~ ASSignment~ come to me baby~ *f-ck*

Oh plz… why you making that sounds kan? Itz annoying bah… buleh? Mcm bunyi ayam terpihit bah… bek jua kami ani immune… nsib jua inda knal.. agatah ko bsing2 mcm ayam kna sembalih… attention seeker AHAHAHA lame cara kamu~~ oh… lamb chop nyaman… :P

I have this ‘split personality’ problem okay :P… itz my ‘dark’ side that could say something like that =D can’t help tho… I did my check-up the other day and the doctor simply says “It’s in your gene…”. Told ya… pardon me, if I hit YOU :)

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