Monday, June 02, 2008

There were slight changes on our timetable due to junior’s exams... Most of my class ends in the afternoon *hate* Haiyo~ Our tests are also changes, NAM (will be confirmed soon) and AP is on 23rd. Miss Sophiana also give a new assignment for us which consists of 3 people in a group AND she will choose who and who in the group… *ahax* hm… interesting eh? She says, “If you are in working environment, you can’t choose who you want to working with”. uh uh..

I heard Pelangi FM this morning and the DJs talked about best friends. He said that if man’s best friend is a girl and vice versa, they have a strong friendship. Yes… I strongly agree on that.. why is that? *eh.. mcm iklan DST plg* Because I can share and approach my female friends more easily and they listen and try to understand what problems that I faced. :) im not bias ok.. letz put it this way… if a guy have a problem with his girlfriend and he tells all the problems to his (male) best friend, most of the time it is not really helpful and he just make fun of it.. His best friend might says, “Eh relax bah… tinggalkan saja bah ia atu… mcm tah nada bini2 lain gi” RIGHT… it is straightforward and we (guys) always want to get away with our problems.. no? Tatz not been the case if his bestfriend is a female… she will be a good listener and try to put herself in his shoe.. She will be more supportive and analytical. I miss my (female) best friend huhu.. nora, where are you? We meet nanti ah with chin yo… long time we don’t see each other… *sigh*

I had a good time during lunch tadi with nuneh, wan and indra at La’mee.. batah dah kmi inda mamam di sana… hehe.. Sorry no pictures… I think they (wan and nuneh) will upload it on their blogs soon hehe.. liat ja di sna.. =D

Bond, mcm ku npak ko *puff puff* di luar itb tadi.. hehe..

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