Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Finally ada dh krusi d concourse :D tatz mean dpt cuci mata~ *hapPy* and i saw u again... Bru th ko timbul ahaha.. Dpt l8 dri jauh jadi th :P or shud i approach u n say 'hi'? I dun hav the courage ok.. Slow n steady bh... Relax~ hm... Itz the reply tat i *bri mlas kn abiskn ayat ani* :P

hm.. Bt i oso like tiz gurl who owez chat wit me.. She is there when i need to talk or cheer up.. Tho we met for the 1st time laz yer bt it felt like yesterday ja... Oh plz~ let tiz feeling go away~

saya ska lagu agnes monica - matahari =D

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