Friday, June 20, 2008

I woke up at 8am sharp this morning. The weather was good. Hot. It’s a good Friday people~ but eventually a short drizzle occurred for about an hour. Thank god. It has been almost a week without raining. My car also in its ‘dirty’ state coz I haven’t got a time to wash for it. I’m TOO BUZY with ASSignments okay~ let’s not making more excuses… =D

Holiday is just around the corner… Come to me baby~ I need to devise my holidays such as going picnic, meet old friends, do something adventure, see movies and a date? Uhu… I deserve it okay~ =D but it just a simple plan coz I know this holidays = doing assignments. We don’t really enjoy as much as our buddy from other departments. *sigh*

Oil prices are all time high for the past few years. How come it becomes so high? The trade for crude oil was $2/barrel in 1970 but increasing steadily annually. On 16th Jun 2008, it reached another record of $139.89/barrel. WTH?! The Middle East gains most of the profits coz they are the main supplier of crude oil. That means Brunei also might just as well gain most of the profits. Right? No? I only know they spent $200+ millions for oil subsidy last year. That was a huge amount of money people~~ let’s save our oil! Save for the future! You don’t want to see your children suffer because of our big-headed attitude. They also deserve a good lifestyle. Right? bla bla bla...

Hm.. im thinking about you right now… what happened to us? Why? *sigh*

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