Suicide?Think again... :P

Thursday, June 12, 2008

CDC test was ok… the weather is ok too… the parking is oso ok coz juniors are having their holidays… tatz mean we dun hav to rush early in the morning just to find a parking spot =D

Tests and assignments lagi ni… banyak menimbun… kn bunuh urg kali =P anyone kn join bnuh dri? Tni pilih pat dkat toilet CIS… biar th bnyak antu di sna ahahaha…

After the test, I had lunch wit Qis, Nisah, Liley and Wardah at IDEAL. Sian durang yg bank baiduri blum kuar elaun… mun kuar melatup tu eh.. salnya bulan ani kira 2x kmu dpt elaun.. bh apa lagi *hint2* ahaha

Hari ani kami liat KUNG FU PANDA!!!! SSSSSSSSIIIIIIIIIUUUUUUUKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!! Siuk bah eh! Siuk!!! Kmi liat di empire tadi sama durang azwan and brother nya then dirah wit sister nya… meriah eh~~ hehe saya suka~.. nana and wani kn join tpi last minute cancel coz msing2 ada hal… mun inda mkin meriah tu hehe… skali skala buang strezz…. laughing can make u happy =D more pictures at neves’s blog soon..

Nisah, Qis, Liley and Wardah

Below are some of the reasons why people commit suicide:

Too many tests = suicide
Too many exams = suicide
Too many assignments = suicide
Stress = suicide
Too much problems = suicide
Traffic jams = suicide
Heartbroken = suicide
Fav. Pet died = suicide
Internet server down = suicide
No network coverage = suicide
No credits for making a call/sms = suicide

Banyak plg lagi tpi mlas ku kn list :P

“She who dies with the most shoes wins” < - - - quote from somebody’s bag… hehe..

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