Japanese bean curd

Friday, June 13, 2008

Happy Friday to y’all… I woke up a bit early today at 7:02am.. The first thing that came up to my mind this morning was to make a Japanese bean curd for the lunch. Oh… wat was I thinking? Me? Cooking? Weird huh? Coz im not a guy who is eager to learn how to cook =D but after Qis and Nisah cooked for our lunch last Wednesday… My philosophy changed… ahahaha…

11:15am – Went to Hwa Ho Bunut to buy some of the ingredients… Luckily my sister went with me, at least she can help me to find those ‘ingredients’. I REALLY DON’T KNOW what to buy… blame to my enthusiasm…

11:30am – I sent a message to Qis, asking her how to cook coz I forget some of the tips =D

11:50am – at home, began my first cooking experience so called ‘Japanese Bean Curd’..

12:45pm – Finish cooking.. OMG!!! That took me almost an hour!!! Well.. its my first experience… not so bad huh?

12:50pm – Just received a message from Qis.. AHAHA she was buzy wit the cooking… ada recipe baru kh? Bah nanti2 gi share ah :P

Overall… MY FIRST COOKING WAS SUCCESSFUL!!!! OMG! Mcm tak caya pulak… =D Thanks to Qis and Nisah for the tips… kalau inda, conform angus+pahit tu ku buat AHAHA. Kalau buat maggi, masak talur, rabus air duh~~ semua urg pandai… kalau yg special2 cemani ani inda buleh silap sikit.. hehe… lain karang usulnya.. ahaha…

"We eat to live or live to eat?"

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