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Saturday, June 14, 2008

10 Years Ago, I...(1998)
1. was the smallest&cutest kid in my class AHAHAHAHA
2. watched Titanic, but i dont understand why 'kate' exposing her entire body at leonardo... they called it an 'art'. =D
3. like to hear songs from madonna and aerosmith...
4. also watched armageddon... i like the ending much *kiss2*
5. had my PCE exam... watz PCE again?

5 Years Ago I... (2003)
1. was in form 5... no longer the smallest =D
2. broke my arms twice *ouch!*
3. hate Add. Maths.. sorry sir... I also didnt sit for the exam :)
4. became one of the hip-hop wannabe.. AHAHAHA
5. like to hear too phat and bone thugs and harmony

3 Years Ago, I... (2005)
1. sat for A-level... the hardest exam in my life...
2. became one of the member of bOguS family
3. met many new friends... =D
4. with this 'dont cha' girl... ahax
5. had my license... drive as fast as i could and only reached 160kmph..

A Year Ago, I... (2007)
1. was in ITB... it stands for 'Inda Tahan Beranti' =D
2. hate assignments...
3. had my attachment at BSM...
4. still dont get my burger... AHAHAHA..
5. realised that true friends were hard to find...

So Far This Year, I... (2008)
1. still in ITB
2. still hate assignments..
3. know what 'true friends' are..
4. miss to see u...
5. like to commit suicide.. AHAHAHAHA

Yesterday, I....
1. cook the Japanese Bean Curd *wohoho*
2. watched 'Diary of a mad black woman' itz an old movie... the lady so kesian... she struggles with her anger, bitterness, jealosy, denial, revenge and selfishness to save her marriage...
3. ended up listening to Nidji's first album.. *layan jiwang*
4. watched 'Wulan' siuk2 ceta indun ani...
5. chat wit this lady till 2am... her status ja on9 tpi rupa2nya trtdo AHAHAHAHA but then continue lgi chat coz ia terkjut ada urg MC ia AHAHA

Today, I ....
1. am writing for this post right now..
2. need to go somewhere.. but where?
3. need to get some info about AP assignments..
4. want to kick some stray cats.. aha apakn?
5. need to read today's newspaper

Tomorrow I will...
1. sleep
2. eat
3. drink
4. thinking of someone
5. hav a good sunday?

I tag all of you.. mesti buat! AHAHA

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