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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ignore the previous post... it's just a song. Different people have different perspective... don't bother too much.. okkayy.. =D

Congratz to all new intake 24 of ITB... It's not too late too congratulate you all hehe... How's the orientation thingy? was it good so far?

I was at ITB this morning for SDP meeting with our supervisor... We showed all of our works to her.. She keep pushing us... aha.. well, there are couple of assignments that we need to do other than this final project. We are so lucky to have her as our supervisor because she is cooperative and being understanable towards us. She looked at my lappy and saw the CIS background... She tell us what CIS stands for besides 'Computing and Information System'... The other meaning stands for 'COOL IN STYLE'. Yup.. that's us.. proud to be in CIS AHAHAHA *duh*

Anyway, I was thinking about the reunion with my classmates and hostelmates this weekend... hm... the classmates... you guys free this saturday? hm... seriously saturday?! I'm being pessimist right now =| hussin told me the 'hostelite reunion' will be on this sunday... are the girl hostelite also invited? damn.. i miss our 'hostelite reunion' which took place at Rumah Pantai in 2006... hehe.. sin, if aku inda bz ada ku jalan tuu... =D

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  1. wahhh smart gila ko bob..hahaha..
    nak g reunion ke? bestkan kalo jumpa kawan2 lama... aku pun plan nak wat reunion besaran batch aku sampai skrg blum kesampaian.



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