Wednesday, July 09, 2008

I sent my mom to hospital this morning for her follow-up session.. There were many people waiting for their names to be called.. I was sitting next to an old guy aged around 50+,he was impatient and went to receiptionist for a couple of times asking when his wife’s name to be called... Oh helew~ typical bruneian... There is a poster on the wall, 'awda yang diberi temujanji akan diperiksa dalam masa 1 jam dari waktu temujanji'. Nda paham kh kita?Mau kediaku explain kn?

I continued reading ‘A Killing Smile’ by Christopher G. Moore. I found it at my sister’s book shelves last night. I was looking something to read and accidentally discover this book. It has a golden sticker on the front cover, “Thailand’s Bestselling Author”. I thought it was a new novel and started to run my fingers to flip a few pages to find the year of published. It was first published in Thailand in 1991. I read it instantly as I got nothing to do last night. I stopped reading after 44pages. I will continue it next time. =D

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