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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I had met many of my old friends during this holiday. I had met some of them by chance but that’s good enough than nothing, right? I missed the old days back in secondary school and 6th form. I was one of the ‘naughty’ boy in my class back then, that’s what Chin say a few days ago when we ‘lepak-lepak’ at his house. Well.. maybe that’s true coz I used to make fun of almost everything and swearing much. Then he told me that I’m not being naughty and changed a bit since form 3 then. Really? Are you sure? Coz there are plenty of words for swearing which are added in my dictionary each year. LOL.

Kojek just arrived here last week for holidays. He always comes back with many surprises. LOL. I just realised that he always changing his hair’s style when he got here. He called on my phone yesterday. We met some of our friends and talked with them for a while. Let’s see how much I know my former secondary friends whereabouts. Mimie and Tikah have been assigned to our former secondary school as an observer and will continue after this doing their 3rd year at UBD. Hanis got her new job at SCB. Nora and Zailani will continue studying at ITB starting this week. Siti Rohani, Fizree, Nurul Mahirah and Siti Fatimah are in 2nd year at UBD. Chin and Irene are in 3rd year at UBD. Abidah is in her final year at UBD. Jason also in his final year at Curtin University. Herry and Katty just graduated from UBD and start teaching already. Pacing will start attachment next semester. G-mah just graduated this year from nursing college and Sharil also graduated from KB Technical. Simon a.k.a Hanif work at JPMC. Masri as a soldier and Hasrul working in Q-Lap. Kojek currently working at BST. Harmeeyani?nobody’s know her whereabouts. Okayy… did I miss somebody? Sorry guys if I got wrong ‘info’ about you all. =D

We had our ‘lepak-lepak’ again at Chin’s house yesterday. Jek and I arrived there at 11pm and the rest at 1.15am this morning. What took you guys so long? =P We watched ‘Sundalbolong’ and ‘Bengkel 13’. I went home early at 3.30am coz I got MWA meeting with my group at 10am this morning.

Oh please~ I hate assignments~~~

bye *continue watching Ugly Betty”.


  1. walauweiii tringat crita2 lama... crita awek lama tiada ka? hikhik..
    bob siapkan asgmnt cepat...masa makin singkat neh...hikhik

  2. Ahaha assignments ni memang nak bunuh aku je.. Awekz ya?Nanti2 je aku ceta.. Pasal awek a, awek b, awek c AHAHAHA..



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