Lepak @ Mamih Beribi

Saturday, August 02, 2008

It was a marvellous dinner last night coz we got a chance to meet some of our friends… It started when Herry and I got into a conversation and we talked about the ‘lepak2’ thingy. Nora helped me to find the place and ended to hangout at Mamih Beribi. I sent the messages to all my friends regarding the place and time. Sorry to those who did not receive my message, that’s because I don’t know and not sure about your number. Hope some of you ada yg forward it to others. =D

I was not in a mood for driving yesterday… Too LAZY~~ Luckily, I received a message from Herry that he will pick me up if I don’t have the transport… YES! I do have the transport but the thing is, my LAZINESS is in its MAXIMUM level… I replied to him “Bah mna sja… Mlasku drve… Kul brpa ko jln?”. Toh… honestly kali ah ku gtau~~~ AHAHA. Half an hour later, he came to my house and we also pick pacing on the way. We are good friend since in primary school lagi… next, we arrived at Didi’s house. But he was not there.. then, herry called his number. He is in hostel panya~~ padan tah nada… We zoomed to his place and reached there around 5.45pm. Kidnapped him and went straight to Gadong. OMG~~~ the traffic was suck~~ Cars come in from every direction and we jammed in front of the Rizqun’s entrance. There were a lot of people there taking pictures and some VIP cars. We watched some videos at herry’s lappy just to kill the time. =D

The parking was fully occupied and we didn’t want to waste our time to look for the parking and went straight to Mamih ja… We reached there at 6.50pm. Everyone was hungry that time and we took our orders. Malas kan tunggu yg lain~~ Lapar bui~~ AHAHAHA then my handphone received messages from them skajap2 mcm every 5 minutes rasaku.. Some of them ada yg last minute had to cancel it. It’s ok people.. It was just to lepak2 ja =D… Then one by one datang… Kojek… Irene and friend… Simon… Gmah... Chin… and lastly, rohani… to sum up, there were 9 of us that came last night…

It was a great night… We talked and talked… it was almost 6 months since the last time we had our gathering… Some of them I didn’t meet for years… whoah! The good thing about you guys are, you guys still not change.. I mean mcm tani dlu2 masih… AHAHAHA nda plg apa2 to makeover. Just don’t change it dramatically~~ its look weird though to some people~~ mcm dlm ceta ugly betty~~~ AHAHAHA that not apply to my friends plg…

We ended our ‘lepak2’ at 11pm coz some of them ada yg kan kaja hari ini~~~ anyway, it was a good moment… I will inform you guys when will be the next lepak2 lagi…

P.S: Ren, lawa2 jua kawanmu~~~ AHAHAHA next time bawa gi yg lain2 AHAHA and this include you guys jua and jgn lpa bawa ‘mem’ kmu~~~ introduce to us K~~ =D

Pacing and herry
ayu c-Jeck ah AHAHA
Didi, Jack and Simonfrom right: Irene, her friend and Gmah

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