Monday, August 04, 2008

I felt so sleepy the whole day.. I got sleeping disorder and last night,i only slept for 4 hours.. That is not good for me.. Damn.. It's always happend like this everytime the new semester begins.. Can't do much about it except forcing myself to close my eyes or take medicine which can help me to go a sleep..

By the way,i was so angry to the person who blocked my car this afternoon.. If you desperately want to block it why not give your phone no. and place it somewhere visible.. Don't be stupido... Do you think that you drive with mercedes, you can park and block anyone car without concerning that he/she may leave early?Boy oh boy... You are so WRONG.. You are lucky that i managed to get out from that parking spot.. The next time i see your car again,don't be surprise if there's something wrong with your car... Don't blame me.. Do i care?N0! Very stupido bnar...

My post will be reaching to 100th soon... I may or may not continue updating this blog again.. Thank you for reading this boring blog... Till then.. Bye..

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