Sunday, December 28, 2008

Hello people...

Selamat pengantin baru kepada Abidah. Semoga bahagia di samping suami dan keluarga tercinta. Moga ianya berkekalan hingga ke anak cucu. =) So sorry that i didn't come to your wedding ceremony due to inevitable circumstances.

Anyhow, today also marked the 2nd year for my involvement in the blogging world. Thanks to readers who keep visiting this boring and dull blog of mine. =) Happy blogging people!! I also didn't expect that i still continue to blog despite i was buzy all the time. Eseh2. Well.. not too buzy actually.. i just don't know how to put my words in sentences... All the ideas are in my head but when i started to type it here... it's all gone... vanished. matiee akal~~~ so yeah... gue malas kn ceta panjang2.. bisa buat org pening2 lalat dan bisa membuat org itu terencat akal dan mati kekajutan akibat serangan sakit jantung hingga menyebabkan seluruh anggota badan org itu berkecai... AHAHAHAHA

So... where are you guys heading for the new year? There's alot of places and many events already advertised on the local newspaper for the upcoming celebration... From bandar to belait... All the places promise a big surprise and unforgettable night for all.. You just have to grab the key and go wherever you want to go... It's also a good time to spend the night with the whole family or with the love one... sweet~~~ hehe.. Well... if you are with the love one... i would recommend you to go for the Jerudong beach... sitting on the rocks and spend the night together... then see the fireworks from Empire hotel after midnight. oh~~ so sweeeeettt~~=P eseh2.. bah malas ku ceta gi... =P

Happy sunday y'all. End.

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