Monday, December 29, 2008

I was going to Gadong with my little brother and sister this afternoon. It has been a long time I didn’t ‘jalan-jalan’ with them coz they were gone to the uncle’s house for the last 3 weeks. I leave the house at 1.15pm and reached gadong at 2pm. I saw the long queued at the traffic light and I took the long route coz I know it’s faster to reach the mall. Indeed. Then, I looked around for a parking. I was so lucky then coz I got a perfect spot in front of the jaya hypermart.

We went to the mall and I withdraw $40 from the ATM. There are lots of booths selling computer products and some selling school stuff. End year sale yaw~~~ semua murah~~~ I was thinking to buy a new RAM for the lappy so I wandered around to check for the lowest price. Then, I found this booth selling 1 GB of RAM for the price of $20. I bought it without thinking too much. It also comes with 6 months warranty. =) I also bought a new cooler fan for the lappy. The old one is suck. The fans are no longer working properly. Sometimes it spins, sometimes not. Berpenyakit~~ I think the booths are there until the first week of January.

The little sister bought a new bag for her. The brother just cuci mata. AHAHAHAHA. Anyhow, the money that I withdraw earlier habis kesemuanya~~~ =) ckap sale tpi npa bh duit atu pun laju ilang~~ AHAHAHAHAHA then, I withdraw another $30 and we went to Mc’ D. Dari hari atu dah ku mengidam kn mamam di sana~~~ =P

Then then, bah mlas ku ceta… =)

I want to play games~~~ nda lageee lagging my lappy~~~ AHAHAHA skdar~~


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