Microsoft Windows 7?

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Now now.. the world is going to have a new windows called windows 7 and only will be available by next year. Why Microsoft is going to release it so soon? It's because they see windows vista has many glitches and some people think it's the worst operating system. Maybe it's true or maybe not. It took Microsoft 6 years to release the windows vista since windows xp was released in 2001 whereas the next windows will be going to release by next year? You see.. it's a shame... vista is nothing but a total failure. Whatever it is.. I just hope the next generation of windows is going to be more stable. =)

Microsoft has released the beta version of windows 7 and will only be available to the public until February 10. This beta version will only be expired on August 1, 2009. If you want to try it.. click here. Best of luck! =)

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