Thursday, February 05, 2009

I miss my blog much! BANARRRRRRRRR~~~ MCM ANI KU MISS~~~~~ (O_o) AHAHAHAHA. Sorry to all readers coz there is no update recently. I was so buzy coz i just started working last monday. The environment is good and the people are friendly. So far so good. Ok.. let's skip that part.. skip skip skip...

The bestiee is going back to Ozzy today. We will miss you! *mcm banar =P tpi BANARRR aha apakn* Good luck man! Don't dare to come here again! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. We had so much fun though while he was here. Geez... 2 months had passed already. Didn't realise that the time is moving really fast. Sigh. Good luck chef! =)

Rain rain rain... please go away~~~ can? huhuhu. Most of tutong areas are inundated. The worst affected areas are penapar, layong, ukong, rambai, panchong and nearby villages. We were going for an adventure last night to see how high the flood is. I could tell it is more that 2 feet high. Even the fortuner that we riding didn't manage to go even further. We actually stucked in the middle of it! HOHOHO We only managed to go about 200meters coz we didn't see the road *duh! obviously.. coz it was during the night* Do you know how we escaped the flood? We reversed the car (O_o). *mana calieee tuu* AHAHAHAHA cari penyakit oh =P then, we continued to discover around panchong areas. The road is closed by police and it is not as high as layong area but we didn't want to continue the journey coz it was late already. =) kes buang panat bh dmlm atu AHAHAHAHA

anyhow... aku rindu kamu.. can? bah eh... adios~~ =P

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