Monday, February 09, 2009

Happy Monday y'all!

Okay… let’s talk about what I’ve been through last week. I was fully occupied last Saturday. I worked from 8.30am – 12.30pm. Somehow, that morning I got stomach-ache and headache. My head felt really dizzy that time and I acted normally in front of the boss. Then I asked Dina if she have panadol or something to relieve the headache. Thank god she had activefast (sp?). After eating 2 pills, my body feeling much better. If I’m not feeling too well that day I would cancel to meet the penguins and the bogus family. But yeah… I meet the penguin eventually at our favourite restaurant which offers the best buttermilk chicken so far. As for me, Twin Dragon Restaurant is still no. 1. AHAHAHA. Anyhow, the place is just re-opened again after the renovation. The interior has change so much. I like it. We had so many conversations that time coz we haven’t seen each other for quite some time. I missed you guys. Oh btw, congratz to Nisah and Nana! =) Sorry I didn’t join you guys at ITB coz I had to sent the car to a workshop. That night, Acai lanja the bogus family and closer friends makan soto at Chin’s house. Thank you cai!! Lain kali lagee~~~ AHAHAHA

Today, I got nothing to do. The traffic is moving so slow as always. I HATE MONDAY!

P/S: Sorry... the story isn't finish yet... I have to end it now... coz i got so many people text-ing on my msn. Sigh. Later~~

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