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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hello world…. I miss youuuu…

Last night I went to ICC for the ‘Anugerah RTB’ which held for 4 days until tomorrow. Anyhow, I just wanted to see the dance competition but didn’t manage to see it coz we were buzy ‘cuci mata’ and walk around the area. Then we went to the hall… I met nora there… she told me that the dance just ended. Sigh. Then we went to other hall to see the BICT exhibition. I saw norhayati (sp?). Do you guys know her by any chance? I am inspired by this woman. She has many achievements which other women or perhaps men in Brunei can’t beat her. She is the first Bruneian woman to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. Her recent trips around Africa, Europe and Asia by car were truly remarkable. I really respect you! =) I actually wanted to take a picture with her but I can’t reach her coz they were so many people asking and interviewing her about her experienced. At least I saw her. =) I also met kel and rai there… We just had a little chit chat.

Then we went to the mall. I hate poklen. I hate emo. I hate punk. =) BUT not all lah… coz some actually have a nice attitude. They just want to express themselves. Show-off? Attention seeker? Maybe. I don’t know. I’ve been there and done that. It is natural for teenagers to ‘show-off’ or be ‘attention seeker’ coz they like to try new things and explore. To look good or worst? I saw this guy with his ‘trojan’ hair (O_o). Oh my…. I don’t know what happened to all this kids nowadays. Back then…. When I was in form 3, I used to have ‘spiky’ hair. Right after the PMB exam ended, I came to school with my extraordinary ‘spiky’ hair and wore t-shirt and jean. All the students stopped and stared at my hair. I was actually proud of it. I walked around the school and didn’t feel guilty of breaking rules. =P Suddenly…. Someone shouted at my back. “Oi! Kn kemana ko tu?” Then I looked at him. He was my deputy principle. Then he yelled at me. “Urg luar kh? Agath balik!!” =| AHAHAHAHAHAHA. Watever~~ I was naughty back then. =P You see… being a teenager is to make some mistakes. From there, you learn and gain experienced. Become wise, mature and be a better person. =)

Okay…. my work so far so good. The co-workers are also very friendly. There’s only 1 thing I don’t like. I always come home at night. =| No more sunlight by the time I reach the parking area. It is because of the traffic jams lahhhhhhhhhhhh….. I hate jams!! There is this one lady who always comes home so lately. She complaining that she always misses the sun. Now she comes home right after the working hour. She might miss the home so much and for her kids. I’ve read this article on today’s newspaper about parents who are neglecting their kids because they are so busy with works and don’t have the time to spend with the kids. How terrible it could be? IT IS REALLY TERRIBLE! The kids need attention. They need love from the parents. DO YOU KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN IF THEY LACK OF ATTENTION AND LOVE FROM THEIR PARENTS? They become bitter. They become wild. They lack confident and becomes one of the poklen. =| Ooopz… sorry if I crossed some lines there. =)

Anyhow… happy valentine. Don’t need to celebrate it though coz everyday is a lovely day for the couple. Have a nice weekend y’all! =)

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