Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hello world!

I just want to wish a happy b’day to my cuzzy, Ijah. Have a blast! =)

I also want to say good luck to Bibi for ITB’s written test recently. Hopefully you pass the tests and get into the interview. Amin. I really don’t know how hard the tests were since I didn’t sit for any of the tests before. I only went for the interview. Heran? Yeah… I know, coz the computer test is compulsory for everyone but I didn’t sit for it. Maybe it was because I have learned computer studies during secondary school. Plus I also joined many of Inforama projects which was organised by ITB annually. I still remember the first time I joined the Inforama project. We were put into a group of 3 people and had to develop a website. We were creating a wedding website and we only focus into 3 main races: Malay, Dusun and Iban. It took a couple of months of hard work and finally we need to present it to the judges. It was held at the old ITB building which is now occupied by MTSSR. The result? We managed to go to top 5. Not bad for a first timer since there were 22 secondary schools participated during that time. The 2nd Inforama project was on programming skills. We were given a task to create a program and need to finish it by 2-3 hours. It was damn hard. I almost gave up that time. Ahax. nasib ada 2 urg lagi backup. Anyhow, we got 11th place. But still I didn’t satisfy coz we use one of the functions called ‘sub-menu’ and only 3 schools were using that time. Those two schools were listed in top 5. Oh well… No luck. That time I was actually so into ITB. I always wanted to go here. After those years of dreaming… Now I realised that dream really came true. =) Proud to be one of the ITBians. =)

Oh yeah… the graduation will be on 16th or 23th May. AKU MASIH BALUM BUAT BAJU KU! AHAHAHA panat!

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