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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Finally I received news from the parent. They arrived there safely and smoothly. Enjoy the vacation mom and dad! =)

Now… the parent is not here, my older sister and I have to look for the siblings, house, cars, pets and etc. Though both of us busy with works, but those responsibilities are not to be left behind or taken lightly. I don’t have any problem to look after them coz they are all now teenagers. They know what’s good, what’s bad. Most of the time, they listen to me. =) If they don’t, the war is inevitable. Like every war, only one country will stand in the end and claim the victory. Usually.. the victory and luck are always on my side. AHAHAHAHAHA.

I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE HONDA CIVIC TYPE R! RUGGEDDDDDDDDD!!! INI MACAM (Y)!!! There are many cars that I like actually such as Nissan 350z, Mazda 6, Audi TT and etc. Gila ohhh… smua lagi yg mahal-mahal tuu.. Ahax. biar tia.. janji puas ati… dpat drive laju-laju…. Laju jua masuk kubur. *toink* Suka ku keta sports atuuuuuuu!! Sila lah menderma dan membuat amal untuk tabung “HONDA CIVIC TYPE R”. 100% derma biskita akan di masukkan ke dalam akaun saya. Terima kasih kepada anda semua!!! =)

I had my lunch with chin, acai, nazmi and chung at TPH. It was raining heavily on my way to Q-lap area. The parking area was fully occupied and I didn’t have much choice so I park far at the back of the building and had a quick run to TPH. My clothes and trouser all wet. Kesian. Then I sat next to chung and had to withstand the freezing temperature. Kan matieee.. sajuk yaw. Anyhow, we just chit chat and gossiping. Eseh. I didn’t realise that we still friends after all this years. 5 years. Hehe. Unbelievable. I still remember we always went to the cinema every Friday’s night and Saturday’s night when everyone buzy doing revision. Ahax. Oh well… past is past. =)

Ok… till then.

P/S: to whom it may concern… GG XOXO ahhh bila? =P

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