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Monday, May 04, 2009

I don’t know what to put as the title but yeah.. let it be. This is just another random post of a broken, lonely guy who lives in his own world. Eseh. That is so random. Whatever… let the mind speak… it’s funny to see young teenagers holding hands and hugging so tightly as if they experience their happiest hour together without realised they were watched by many people. It’s very sad to see this and it looks like a trend for them. Maybe I was too overreacted. Aha. Itu ‘cinta monyet’ sihh… Jika monyet bercinta, mereka lebih suka bergayut bersama-sama dan saling tolong menolong untuk mencari kutu di badan pasangan mereka. Tapi tidak semua monyet kekal lama bila bergayut lama-lama… ini mungkin aja salah satu monyet itu telah tidak terdaya untuk sama-sama bergayut atau salah satu daripada mereka telah terjatuh ke bawah kerna dahannya patah. Ya gitu sihhh… But not everyone ended a happy ending… frankly speaking… I was one of them. Ouch!! Whatever~~ Don’t tell me you never been heart broken before. =)

First love is hard to forget, agree? It’s really difficult to forget when you were in love for that ‘long’ period of time. Not a ‘month’ or ‘few months’ of relationship but I 'm referring to ‘a year’ or ‘few years’ of relationship. Me, myself and I have that problem. Hhmm… now I think I can get over it slowly or perhaps wipe off completely from my memory. I just need more time….

Then… I found ‘you’ accidentally or maybe ‘you’ appeared out of nowhere and put a little light in my heart. Hmmm… that will be another story to tell.

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