Saturday, May 09, 2009

I misssssssssss weekenddddddddddd!!

I just started working last Thursday after I received my offer letter last week saying that I passed my medical check up and medically fit to work. That time I didn’t think much and I emailed them saying that I accept the offer. Then few days later… I checked on ITB website and found my name on the list. I was like… OMG! Anyhow… I went to the interview without any preparation coz seriously I don’t know what to expect from them… The night before the interview, I went out with my friends. At least they helped me to keep my anxiety to a ‘zero’ level. Ahaha.

Then that morning I went to ITB… Traffic jams as usual. Oh I missed that moment. I missed the road. It was almost 4 months I didn’t use that road since I started working in Bandar. To cut it short… There I was standing in front of the interview room with some of my former classmates. I was the first person to enter the room. Then… entah. AHAHAHA. My mind was puzzled after the interview. Ahaha.

The next day… aku start kaja. Aha. Kajap ehhhhhhhhh. Nda ckup cuti rasaku.. huhu.. exactly 2 weeks aku cuti… then no more cuti after this… after probation bru th lgi kna bgi cuti… huhu… sedih my heart eh. Slow and steady saja kaja ku… and I can see the sea from my table. I don’t want to mention how many times I lost my way to reach my table. AHAHAHA. Baiee.. luan bnyk room bah… nda jwa ku kn ingat smua tuuu ahaha.

Oh btw… I watched this pinoy movie… PINOY/BLONDE… You have to watch this one!! FUNNY!!! Errr… may I remind you… it has some erotic scenes… wohoho. I think I want to go to Philippine after this. Ahaha. Ako gustuko!

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