Sunday, May 10, 2009

Yesterday was a bit slow and noting much had happened. I was having my peaceful time watching GG series. My passion on FB never comes to an end. I can spend my whole day on FB alone. Gila oh… Macam-macam ada wah ara FB ani. Game, Quiz, Tagging.. you name it. Banyakkkk. But sometimes it also makes me insecure. FB is not an ordinary social network website which simply just connects you and your friends. It stores all your details permanently in the server. This is where the real danger comes into play. You cannot guarantee all your details are kept safely. Plus… I received an email few months ago which stated that FB is also being use by higher authority in US to track down terrorists, sex maniac and etc. YOUR DETAILS MAY ALSO BEEN USED OR ACCESS BY THEM. Who knows… Ahax. One advice: Never give your details completely or publish it on the internet. Furthermore, the drawback is you can’t delete your account completely. You only have the option to activate/deactivate. Sounds fishy ehhh? Well… It always good to play safe. =)

Anyhow,I was so bored at home last night. Luckily, Chin texted me up to go for lepak-lepak. I’ve been waiting for someone to kidnap me. LOL. Then we went to Suran and met Acai and Fir there. We spent our time together till 1am in the morning. Then, we went to Pjul’s house. And again… nothing much had happened so Fir asked me if I like to watch some movie. I just nodded. We were watching ‘Ayat-Ayat Cinta’. Lawa! Ini macam! (Y). Buttttt… we didn’t watch it till the end coz Chin felt so sleepy and he still has his exam going on. Wohoho. Steady. Mau jua lepak-lepak time exam. Ahaha.

Oh yeah… The graduation will be on 16th. Rehearsal will be on 13th and 14th. Full rehearsal will be on 14th and please wear your robe. =)

To someone… this is for you…. I AM SICK OF YOU!!! YOU ARE TOOOOOO ANNOYING!!! PWASAN BANAR!!! BAIE KO... Aha. SOAB! or should it be DOAB?!! =@ *mental*

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  1. I got that mail too bob. Yes.. never disclose your fullname, real name on it. Its being used! Consequences comes later. I agreed.. better be playing it safe on the ground.

    Yes it can be only deactivated but then.. one good way is to also delete your email account related to the account in your facebook. by then, it comes to an end =)



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