Friday, June 19, 2009

Tonight’s weather is just nice… cool and lovely. =)

Finally I got a chance to watch “Ayat-Ayat Cinta” till the end. Aha. Lambat oh. I believe it would make into top 5 in Indonesia movie for romance genre. I like to quote this sentence from the movie. “Sungai Nil dan Mesir, itu jodoh”. Ahax! Seriously… it’s a nice movie. To all the love-bird out there… I would recommend you watch this with your companion. =)

Hmmm.. I’m tired. I don’t know how many meetings that we have to attend. I lost count already. Every week at least one or two meetings that is mandatory for us to attend. Not only meetings~~ the course and training sessions seems endless to me. M-A-T-I-E-E. Now we are busy planning for the upcoming cascade. Argh. Don’t you have a break people? Huhu. Sedih my heart cemani ani… We only can take our leave in NOVEMBER/DECEMBER after our probation ends. M-A-T-I-E-E. But I don’t guarantee that we can take our leave during that time since everybody also wants to have holidays. Sigh. TAPI AKU TETAP AMBIL CUTI KU TUUUU!!! BANARRRRRRRRRRRRRR TAHH~~~ :@

Oh yeah… congratz to all my friends who passed their exams at UBD. Next year ni kmu graduateeeeee =)

To all my friends yang di ITB… Goodluck for the coming result! I know you guys can do it! =)

P/S: Penantian itu satu penyeksaan…. =)


  1. hahaha. Adui bob. baru ko liat ayat-ayat cinta tu? lol. Awu lawa ceritanya.. aku inda suka saja the fact ia bebini dua. mcm blergh~ i dont like the idea of polygami. pasal from the start sebanarnya it could be neglected bah tu kalau the guy understands she loves him. but he dont.

  2. Cinta dan keinginan utk memiliki adalah 2 perkara yg berbeza.. 1st wife,kerna cinta... 2nd wife,hnya keinginan semata2... Bnar plg 2 mun bni2 yg ml8 confirm bgi sakit ati.. Aha. But aku suka how it ended.



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