Thursday, June 18, 2009

I was busy attending the two days course which was started yesterday. It was a mixture of newly joined staffs which also includes the expatriates. Now I know how the company works in general… though I hate they used many technical terms during the presentations. All in all, it was a great programme. Now I have many new friends of different backgrounds and cultures. Wohoho. After all, it’s a big company with diverse cultures.

Hmmm… you know what... I really don’t like to get into any political thingy, scandalous and whatsoever but I know I cannot escape from those situations. Hmmm… like they said.. play safe. Ahax. Oh well… i don’t give a damn if they are talking about me. Ahahaha. *middle finger* ahax! =P

It’s so funny that most of my former classmates work under one roof. Ahaha. Unexpected. Most of them are my friends since sixth form and dangan-dangan ku lepak di hotel dulu ahahaha. Slahau. We are meant to be together begila2 x oh. Ahaha.

Anyhow, I think my lappy is having her PMS right now~~~~~ it becomes more slowerrrrrrr nowadays. I am running the disk defrag tool on the background while writing this post. Ahaha. Me still sayang you la baby~~~ I’m thinking to BUY 1TB HD!!!!! Both of my hard disks are almost full. One of the drives has only 1.3GB of free space… NIGHTMARE!!! Relax baby ahhhhh~~ Biar tah ko kapus2 dlu… nnt th ku cri pasangan mu… ahax.

I don’t know why I like to hear “lagu untukmu” over and over again. I like its lyric. Ini mcm (Y). AND TAYLOR SWIFT~~~ I loveeeeeeeeeeeee~~~~ =)



  1. lol. Brunei is damit bah bob. Dmana2 tu tjumpa jua balek tu dgn tane yg dulu2.hehe.

    &awuuu. aku suka taylor swift jua =)) atu wa bob... ko ada lagu michelle featherstone-careful.mp3

    im tired of searching it.. nada ah yg free downloadable. =s

  2. AHAHA iatah bah. Aku blum pnah dgr lgu atuu... aku jrg plg download lgu time ani... outdated dh ku. ahax. :s



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