Sunday, June 07, 2009

I don’t know what to write for this entry this time but the idea is here. in. my. head. Anyway, let’s talk randomness again…

Happy b’day to bOguS nIL and bOguS cEpU. We celebrated cEpU’s b’day at one of the hotel in capital last night. It was filled with lots of laugh and fun. I came late coz I wanted to ‘lepak-lepak’ with the ‘singlez’ first before I joined bOguSan for the celebration but the first plan had to cancel due to some of the ‘singlez’ were unable to join for ‘lepak-lepak’. It was indeed a simple celebration. =)

It was my first time to go to ‘Tamu Selera’ in the capital and also my first time to use ‘Jejantas’. AHAHA. Funny but it’s true. How many of you have been there? There are many seafood restaurants where you can pick fresh fishes and etc and they will cook it for you. If you are looking for fresh seafood dishes, it’s the right place for you. =)

Ohh yeah… I had chat with this good friend of mine. She was talking about my friend who ‘was’ in love with her junior. It ‘was’. Realise that? They just broke up less than 24 hours ago. When I still chat with her, they were still ‘in a relationship’. She told me to check and read their status on fb. Wohoho. Fb is quite informative. =) so anyway… I rather talk about her junior coz she’s a ‘bitch’. Woopz~ BUKAN BITCH KN TU BILA IA MAINKAN PERASAAN URG AND WANT TO GO BACK WITH HER X WHEN IA YG MULA2 MINTA PUTUS? AHAHAHAHAHA. KAN BECALI KO DANG? AHAHAHA. And and… her X ani lagi kwan my good friend. AHAHAHA. DAMIT BRUNEI ANI YAW~~~ TAU JUA URG TU MUN KO KN BESCANDAL APA~~ Brunei ani… everybody knows everybody. =) *paning kmu? Antam sja lah* ahahaha

MENTANG-MENTANG LAH KO KIUT/LAWA SANANG-SANANG JA MAINKAN PERASAAN URG. *err.. tpi ko andang lawa plg… and… if aku ‘jahat’, aku mau couple sma ko and aku dump ko… AHAHAHA apa rasanya tu dang ah?*

Life. =)

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