Monday, June 15, 2009

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~~~ I miss this blog so muchhhhhhhhh~~~~~ I got occupied last week. Full of activities~~~ but I don’t want to write much about it, only ‘important’ events jeee….

I really need HOLIDAYS!! Huhu. Kan pengsan dah ni. P-I-S-A-N. I can’t believe that we’re in June. OMG! OMG! OMG! This is my busiest year ever. I really don’t expect the time flies really fast this time. Is it good or is it bad? Ever since I started work in January, I only had 2 weeks of holidays but that was in April after I resigned from the bank. Oh yeah… I think most of you didn’t know that I had work at iCentre in January while waiting for other calls. It’s a small private company but the people work really hard to achieve their dreams… to become one of the top service providers for web application for mobile phones. Ever heard of DST ‘on-the-go’ thingy? It’s one of their products. I really envy them. =)

After three weeks… I resigned. I got an offer from the bank… my duty was simple. Monitoring. Ahax. Though I like to do a lot of work but my officer didn’t know what else to give me. =| I felt so guilty back then coz I didn’t want them to label me as ‘makan gaji saja’. =| so anyway… I survived there. I miss them so muchhhh especially the 4 ladiesssssss~~~ You guys rock my world! \m/

I’m feeling so grateful. Really. I don’t want to ask for more. Sometimes in life… you need to accept what has written for you. It’s fate. But don’t limit yourself to find a better future. “Tuah ayam nampak di kaki, Tuah manusia tak ada yang nampak”.

Anyway… I had my best weekend ever. Lalala~ I went out with KGK. Ahax. =P It was so nice to see you after all this time. Ilang trus naleh ku. Eseh. Ober. Ahahaha. Rinduuuuu lah jua aku kan kau~~ boring jua tu mun chat2 sja... mau jua ceta dpan2 =) how about another date? Ahax! =P

Ermm... lastly... I am so so SORRY TO M and N. I just can’t help myself to tell the truth to A. I hope you guys okay =S

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