Sunday, August 09, 2009

My weekend was amazing. I love it. Love it. I watched G.I.Joe last friday. I thought we were not going that night since everyone was busy with their own activities. It was one damned night sitting at home and doing nothing not until I received a message from Acai at 8pm that night. Hahaha. Thank god. At least I got my night occupied. WE WATCHED G.I.JOEEEEEEE!! Damn cooooooooooollllllllllllllll. =)

Last night, I brought the whole family for a dinner at gadong. It had been awhile that we didn’t sit together for a dinner. Seriously. Haha. I actually like to delay and always the last person to come to the table. I don’t know why. Habit. I like to eat alone. Why? Because I’m a slow eater. Sigh. That’s not cool. I actually doesn't talk much with them. More specifically with my father. I don’t know why. Hahahaha. I only talk with him when there is ‘important’ stuffs or ‘serious’ discussion. Though, most of the times he gives me ‘green light’ or just let me go with my own decision. =) My mother is my best friend. Hahaha. Oh well.. you might labelled me as ‘mommy’s boy’. LOL. I love them. =)

Oh yeah… I’m more into Indonesian movies nowadays. Strange but true. They are great in making love stories. Banar. I tak tipu wa! AHAHA. I watched ‘From Bandung With Love’ last night. Nice storyline. I know MOST of the time… women like to think, men are not being FAITHFUL when they’re in love. Are we, guys? No offence here but frankly speaking, both are equal in this field. =) My heart was hurt once and I hurt someone’s heart once. Fair enough. Ahax.

"Jika cinta itu tulus kenapa masih ada yang curang?"


  1. yea. i envied ur mom.. well bob, atleast u haf someone to talk to and understand.. when i haf none.

    happy for u~

  2. Tq. U still hav that someone who u can talk to. U know who he is. Im happy to c u happy with the one u love. =)

  3. psl atu la bob.. if the prob arises between me and him.. nah.. kemana kan lari ne.. hehe.

  4. Haha. Kmi kan ada... Eh2, dlu slalu jwa ko ceta if ada masalah cni2 ara ku p msa ani nada lg, so aku assume smua baik2 sja. Hehe. Plus, smua dh ko curahkn dlm blog. Nah... At least rmai lgi yg dpt bgi support,advice and etc. =)



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