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Thursday, October 22, 2009

I want to change my layout~~ hmmm… it is almost 1 year I haven’t change the layout or making changes to it. I just want to make it simple. But… It is very difficult to find the right one for me. Plus, my blog is a 3 columns type of layout. I rarely find the right one which can show both right and left sidebars. Hmm… Maybe I will play with CSS~ *can’t promise since he is so tight up with his schedule* HAHA.







Hmm… 2009… so fast~ 2 more months and we will reach end of 2009. hmm… so fast~ things are moving really fast nowadays~~ I used to think that I’m still stuck in form 5, 6 or even ITB when I’m alone. hahaha. I just miss the good old days~~ oh memories~ =)

Hmm… come whatever… we will still be… friends…. forever. =)

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  1. hahaha. awu bob. sama! aku pun mau hp baru. baik ko 3yrs old.. aku atu.. coming to 5yrs sudah my fon. maseh baik pun. ganti battery ja. nanti tah x ku bali eh. 'intimidated' lol. yeah. i know~



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