Travel Experience: Singapore

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Biar aku ceta dari awal hingga ke akhr... atu pun if aku ingat jua.. haha.

We booked our ticket sometime in October coz we don't want to rush and do it last minute. We had planned our journey, what to bring, where to visit, what to buy and etc. We were counting days and the adrenaline rushed so high that I couldn’t sleep properly for few days before our departure. I booked the company car to send me to the airport. Guess what? The car already arrived at my home at 5am in the morning! Our departure time was at 7.40am geeezzzz luckily I woke up so early that day. While waiting for others, I went to the ATM hoping that I could withdraw few hundreds. At least I have cash in my hand just to be on the safe side BUT the ATM machine was down! Sigh. Never mind. I had applied for the debit card which means I can withdraw at any ATM which accepts VISA card. Heaven!

So.. nazmi, acai, kimah, sherman and zul… we were in Singapore during Christmas!!! *ahax* am I skip? Anyway… the first time I realised about Singapore is…. The city is cleannnnnnnnn! I mean.. seriously…. Very cleannnn. We checked in at Carlton Hotel which is situated near to Raffles City. The hotel is near to mall and shopping complexes. I’m so amaze about Singapore! Most of the mall is so big that we sometime spent the whole day just in one mall. Geez… We went to Raffles City, Suntec, Bugis street, Bugis junction, Marina square, Funan, Sim Lim, IKEA and etc. oh oh wait... we were in Singapore for 6 days!!! Yeah… you read it… 6 DAYS!!! We spent our monay crazily and shopping till drop like there is no tomorrow. Both my foots were in pain… guys, let me remind you… DON’T GO SHOPPING WITH WOMAN IN SINGAPORE. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Seriously, it is heaven for woman to go shopping there… everywhere you see they sell clothes, bags, shoes and etc plus… the PRICE IS DAMN CHEAP FOR BRANDED LABEL. I can say… Singapore is dominant by woman shops! Sigh.

Do you read my previous post about the HTC HD2 phone? I bought it there!! HAHAHAHAHA. INI MACAM (Y)!! Sim lim square is heaven for electronic and IT stuffs. We spent thousands of dollar thereeee… crazy! I spent roughly around 1.5k there… while… acai.. she spent more than 3k…. geez… that sim lim is evil. EVILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!! HAHAHAHAHA

Anyhow… If you are looking for halal food there… hmm… I don’t think there is many malay restaurant. We were eating fast food only. King burger. KFC. Pizza Hut. Mc’D. You name it. HAHA. Oh oh.. STARBUCKS too! But… the only thing that I dislike is… TAX!!!!!! You buy drink, TAX. You buy food, TAX. You buy chocolate, TAX. You fart, TAX. HAHAHA. Everywhere is TAX but for tourist… if you spend more than $100, you can claim the tax =)

Christmas there is soooooooooooo great!! One of the best Christmas experience =) We were at Orchard road for Christmas eve! Everybody sprayed that artificial foam which looks like the actual snow to everyone who passed the traffic light. Crazy! It was so great.

Overall… Singapore is the best damn country to visit. I can’t wait for our next vacation again! =)

P/S: Sorry.. no picture :) *I will upload it to fb... maybe*


  1. hahahaha. sini pun kurang labih lah jua bob. barang2 untuk bini2 bejurit ne. tapi yg laki2 payah mencari. lol.

    i think its a woman world now. furthermore, they say that earth is a girl. hahahh.

    ehh.. ada hp baru ya~ bagus bagus! nanti dah ko boring jual lah arah ku ah.

    tax can be claimed? in spore saja kah or anywherelse jua? if exceeds 100 atu?

  2. HAHAHA awuuu.. payah wa ku kn cari baju2 utk ku...

    hehehehe... i like phone much! nnt lah aku jual after 5 years :p

    yup.. tax can be claim if exceed 100. mahal bah taxnya... 7%. gila jua tu. hahaha.

  3. gila banar tax nya tu. bah bah, next vacation shud be KL!!! Tinggal arahku!!! bawa la everybody.. acai.. fir.. aah.. sapa sapa gi la =))



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