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Monday, February 01, 2010

Welcome to February everyone! As promised…

This picture was taken when I arrived home at 6pm. I just want to experiment the panorama feature on my HTC. Haha. Skadar :p

So… today is Monday…. And everyone hates Monday!!! I hate to wake up so early in the morning and have to drive a long way to work. But that’s ok… sacrifice… it’s for my own life jua kan~ right~~ we have 52 weeks in a year, which means we have 52 Mondays!!! I know, I know~ just a small fraction~~ BUT people like us don’t like Monday BECAUSE of TRAFFIC JAMS. Right. TRAFFIC JAMS. I don’t know why every Monday we have to face this situation over and over again. Sigh. I wish I have that ‘universal remote’. When you stuck in the traffic, press forward~ forward~ they you go~ JUST PRESS THAT BUTTON, WILL YA? Eseh! :p

Do you know fart is stink? Duh~ Atu baru random. HAHAHA. Do you know if you fart silently it can become silent killer? Hahaha. Antam :p

I have this one news which shocked me… not about fart. It’s about my old good friend. My old buddy way back in primary school… he is now admitted to the hospital. The doctor said he is having a brain tumour and need to remove soon… so, he had undergone the surgery. The last time I asked on my other buddy how he is doing… he is well. Recovering. Glad to hear that buddy! Now.. I do realise how short life is. I don’t mean anything on what you might think right now… but I do realise that… anything can happen to us… hmmm…

Lets start our Monday with this ANNOYING ORANGE!!! HAHAHAHA

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