Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Do you enjoy travelling? Are you one of those people who like to drive a long way and do not get bored or tired? I envy you~ Really. I’m one of them *fart* Errrrrrrrrr….. I do love driving but come to think of it after travelling everyday from my house to workplace… it’s really tiring. Work is not even tiring coz I only sit the whole day at my cubicle. I can stare at the screen all day long without complaining coz that’s what I do =| whatever~ don’t stare too long at the screen. Bad for your eyes.

Computer. Its nothing new to my world. I’ve been using this for more than 15 years now. Yeah right~ Still remember the old Windows without a GUI? I used it. Back then.. the OS was in black background and few colours… few menus… and few interesting games like PACMAN! HAHAHAHA and…. The size of the computer? IT WAS SO BIG THAT IT COULD ACTUALLY FILL THE WHOLE TABLE SPACE. Eseh! Tapi banar kali ah.. hahaha.Now.. the computer becomes so small… which soon will be replace completely with notebook or other handheld devices. True. If you have the chance to enter at my workplace.. most of us are using notebook. How convenient~ maybe in the near future we can work from home *though, right now we actually can do this* but… you know~ you have to obey the policy. Sigh. I really want to work from home!!!

I wonder why people like Apple products *err.. I’m of them… but I can’t afford to buy that mac book! Sigh.* Now Apple just released the new product… iPad. Yeah~ The first time I see the product on YouTube, I was like… the hell?? THE HELL WITH THAT IPAD??????? It’s not a magic as iPhone was introduced in 2006. Nothing new. NOTHING. NADA. NIL. I expect something which is revolutionary! Shame on you! whatever~ Don’t hate me. It’s my opinion. =)

Magic? err. . .

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