Saturday, April 24, 2010

this morning I went to the car agent for servicing my car.it has already reach 31k km.. way to go baby! less than 1 year and the car is still doing good. its a real deal. I still love it since the first time I drove it even the new Tucson is way much sexy. except if the new Tucson has equip with the diesel engine then I may consider to sell my car. HAHAHA.

I went to the hospital after that. visiting my good old buddy who is now more than 3 months staying there because of his operations and illness. he was in coma for 6 days as said by his sister. kesian. but. miracle do happen! i saw his cousin updated the status at FB saying that he was awake and blinking his eye this afternoon. what a miracle. be strong buddy!

tonight is just another dull night.

don't love someone who is already in a relationship ;)

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