Thursday, April 22, 2010

I'm tired. really. really. really tired. I don't know. Just tired. My mind and body is really exhausted. It’s not because of the workload. It's because I'm tired of driving. 2 hours back and forth from home is no fun. I literally waste my time 2 hours daily on the road. Thank goodness my car is auto. Driving along my kampong to Lamunin area is a hassle because a lot of road works are currently carries out. Pot holes are everywhere. Sigh.

Jog is a new addiction. I like! My friends are all crazy with ‘mengail’ thingy. Oh well. They have a new addiction too. Haha. Life is all about trying new things. Be different. Be one of the kinds if possible. I keep telling myself that I will not live to the fullest if I just sit in a confined space. It’s a big world out there. SEE. IT. ALL.

Erm… I can’t wait for that iPad! Seriously… that is the only thing in my mind. iPad! iPad! iPad! But i know this is a temporary feeling. Orgasm. HAHAHAHA. I can control myself of not buying anything which is not necessary. It’s natural. Or maybe because I was treated not to waste or buying expensive things since I was a kid. Maybe. I really don’t have any wishlist. Haha.

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