Geography, Biology and Maths...

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Those 3 subjects were killing me when I was in 6th form. Why am I bringing this topic? Coz… yesterday I went to the former school to visit my biology teacher who is leaving for good next week. So I take the chance to visit her for the last time.

Fir, Irene, Mar and I went there in one car coz we missed earlier invitation on Friday. She… didn’t recognize me at first met. She does remember my friends’ name but not me! Haih! HAHAHA. She keeps silent for awhile and trying hard to remember who I am. Then she said “ah… you are the skinny boy in the class and always bend your head down and write something on the desk.” HAHAHAHAHAHA. She continued. “You have changed a lot.” Seriously… I AM CHANGED! It’s obvious. Look at my face! Chubby but still cute! HAHAHAHA.

Some of our juniors also came that morning and we sit together. Reminiscing the good old days. I realized one thing about her… she still funny until today! Glad to meet her again after 4 years =)
We entered to our biology lab… everything seems in its place. I feel like a student once again. I grab the stool and sit where I supposed to be sitting 7 years ago. I remember everyone sitting too! Mcm baru kemarin saja rasanya tinggalkan skulah atu. Awww! I really miss it! Biology is the best! =)

Thanks for everything teacher Laly Anto! =)

Then… I took the chance to visit my geography teacher. Teacher Rohana. She is one of my favourite teachers all the time. I went to her staff but she was not there. I wait for her in front of the door. One lady came out from another room. She walked straight towards me. I stopped her.

Me: “teacher… kenal masih?”

Teacher Rohana: “sapa ni ah… mcm kenal jua.. mcm inda jua.”

Me: “aku wah teacher… Eddie.”

Teacher Rohana: “astah! Ehh dulu kau damit jua. Randah lagi. Ani tinggi sudah. Macam mimpi.”

HAHAHAHA. I didn’t know aku dlu randah... then we chat for awhile....

...until she ended with this “You are one of my favourite. Sambung saja lagi blajar.” Yes teacher. I will. But not in this couple of years. I will aim for it. =)

I set my goals ever since she cried when looking at our results...

That tears... I still remember it.

That tears... help me to stand where I am today.

Thanks for everything teacher Rohana! You are the best! =)

P/s: I don't mention maths in this post. why? Coz I hate maths! HAHAHA


  1. lol. banci banar tu kan Math. hahaha. aku paham bob, ko tau apa nah... sudah degree computing ane.. ada jua maseh calculus ah. nda ku paham mengapa kan add math ane inda mau ilang.

  2. HAHA iatah yg aku banci tu add. maths! FAILED sja ku lehnya. SIGH!



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