Smart eh?

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Okay… I know I can be random at times but at this right moment.. I’m thinking to dress like this!!! LOL.

I mean it. All this time around, I only wear casual to work. I will be looking like a new guy on the block if I really want to dress like this, YES? MESTI BOSS SAYA PIKIR SAYA SUDAH NAIK PANGKAT!! HAHAHAHA. Nada wa… I just want to try dress smart lagi. LOL. PELIK? BIAR TIA WA~~ SAYA PUNYA SUKA LAH! HAHAHA

Anyway… I like this video. Banar. Ini perempuan ah.. bila saya lihat saja.. bisa buat saya terpukau. I can’t take my eyes away from the screen. Not even millisecond. KIOT BRABIS!!!!

I haven’t replied my friend’s event at FB. They are planning to go for ping pong and steamboat this Saturday… event will start at 3.30pm until midnight…. I don’t know if I can go. Really. I don’t know. It’s weekend. Anything can happen! Pasalnya…. Entah lah! Susah saya mau explain.

I can’t wait for my holidays!! Hmmph!!

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