Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011!

Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 has been a great year for me. I have gained new and exciting experience like never before. But before I continue… I want to share about my recent travel to KK/Singapore :)

I told many of my good friends that I will not going to Singapore, not in this few years time BUT I can’t denial that Singapore is having too much attractions that even ME who is hard to move by my own decision landing myself a ticket to go there. LOL. If it was not because of ZoukOut featuring many of top DJs.. I will not go there. Okay… me? ZoukOut? I know what exactly you are thinking right now. I’m not a party goers but I do listen to these trance/house music. It’s for all music lovers out there to go and enjoy some good music J

I still remember my brother insist me to go there in October. I told him about this ZoukOut party. He still didn’t care or pay much attention on what the hell I was talking about until I mentioned “David Guetta” and “Tiesto” will perform there too. He stood there in front of me and said “BAH JALAN!” I was like???? I said to him… we will see how it goes coz I will be in KL and if I still have budget after going back.. then it’s a ‘yes’.

Few weeks went by… many of my friends already planned to go for ZoukOut too. How could you miss when these great DJs playing… I’m not saying one great DJ… okay… here’s a simple maths to help you.

“David Guetta” + “Tiesto” = BOMB!

Bla Bla Bla. Tickets and hotels were all booked. Eh wait! FYI, we were using AirAsia. Fuh! Coz we didn’t have any other choice since RBA price was super expensive during December. PEAK. I booked tickets for 5 of us (Bam, Acit, Helmi and Gmah). Gmah is the only woman in our group. Haha. The other girls couldn’t make it.

I didn’t put any plan what and what we were going to do. My mind only thinks “FUN! FUN! FUN!”. Everything were all booked and purchased. I really need this vacation to feel all the fun and excitement as well as to expand my horizon.

10th December - We departed from BIA at 7.30am and arrived at KKIA 40minutes later. It was still early in the morning and we decided to have breakfast at the city. Plus, we had another 6 hours for our next flight to Singapore. Taxi is not cheap. We rent a big size taxi which is Avanza. Lol. From Airport to KK city is RM42. Sigh. We had our breakfast at Mc’D. Free wireless. hehe. Then, we went to The Centrepoint. Nothing much difference since the last time I went there in August except the Christmas tree is placed on the top level of the shopping centre.

We waited until 1.30pm and went to the Terminal 2. Okay~ I have to admit this… that was my first time using AirAsia. I need to remind myself not to expect too much from them. From the airport to their aircrafts. We finally departed at 3.15pm after 30minutes of delay. We were using A320 and took us about 2.5 hours to Singapore. My seat…. sucks big time. It was a pain in the ass to sit like a robot during the whole journey. That’s what you get from low cost airline! Don’t complain! Hahaha.

We arrived at SIA at 5.30pm and went straight to our hotel. We checked in at Landmark Village hotel located at Bugis Area. If you are looking for cheaper, nice environment and easy access to MRT. This is it. If you are looking for halal food.. just go down and you will see Arab Street just next to the building. What’s more? Cheaper and bargain goods are there too at Bugis area ;)

That night we went to Clarke Quay. We never been there except Helmi. Man… I don’t dare to go there again and not getting me wasted as expected. Lol. It’s a good place to chill though. Turkey ice cream also there. Oh oh… reverse bungee is there too! I met anddy and his friends there coz our ZoukOut tickets were with him. They went for reverse bungee. Errr! Don’t tell me to go for it. I cannot imagine how my face will looks like when I scream. Lol. But if you are a type who wants to be throwing up in the air from the ground at 120km/h. Just go for it. Mind you.. You will get caught on camera! HEHE.

11th December – We just went to Orchard Road. Spent the whole morning and afternoon there. I was looking for Ripcurl ZoukOut t-shirt but all sold out. Sigh. Then I went to ESPRIT and bought 2 shirts. Sale is everywhere. Awesome! Singapore is awesome to make your wallet feels light and empty. Haha. Nothing much we did that day. We just relaxing and chilling in the hotel room. Why? ZoukOut 2010 happened at night time!!! Whee!

This year ZoukOut 2010 was one of the most awesome ZoukOut night ever coz they celebrated its 10th anniversary. It was a 12 hours straight of non-stop music from 8pm-8am with more than 30 thousand people attended the party which was held at Silos beach, sentosa. I never had been to this huge and awesome party before. My comments? IT WAS ONE AWESOME PARTY EVER!!! I dance like there is no tomorrow. We all dance and enjoy ourselves that night. I spent almost 200 dollars that night. Bought some t-shirts and drinks. Drinks were EXPENSIVE. Mineral water was $4. Damn. Never mind~ at least we had our best night ever!

Local DJs were on stage from 8pm – 11pm. Afrojack took the stage at 11pm till 1am. I didn’t know how many hours we stood… but Gmah and I had our late dinner eating kebab. Haha. Laidback luke performed at 1am – 3am. I felt my body synced with the music. I really enjoy it. Then, tiesto… a much awaited Dj came out on the stage at 3am. People were pushing from the back to see him. We got caught in the middle and almost no space to dance. Too crowded. You can see a lot of different people from all walks of life there. Chinese, Japanese, white, black and etc. Finally, David Guetta took the whole crowds to the next level with his awesome songs. Seriously.. it was an AWESOME NIGHT!

I saw a lot of familiar faces there. We all have some in common. ENJOY AND GET WASTED! LOL. There are many cons that I want to highlight… toilets and transportations are not enough! Drinks were too expensive! Overcrowded. But I really did enjoy some good music. “One World, One Music, One Tribe, One Dance.”

12th December – we were still at the beach until 9am. I felt my head spinning and no energy. I was actually sleeping while waiting for our taxi. Oh oh~ our taxi driver is a good guy named abang zai.. Or nickname, Jai. Hahaha. He is like a human directory/google. Everything you want to know about Singapore. It’s in his head. What/where and how you want to do in Singapore.. Just ask him. He knows what’s best. Hahaha.

We arrived at the hotel at 9.45am and I slept till 5pm. Geez! Worth every penny! Haha. Nothing much to do that day… then, we went to Orchard and Somerset. Oh oh… my parent and siblings just arrived that day too. I think this year they were so lucky that almost every trip that I went, they also there. Coincidently, my father was sent by his company to attend a course there, so since we were already planned to go there… I bring them all except my sister. She had other things to do. Sigh.

We went to their hotel and spent the rest of the night there. Chat and took some pictures. Then, went back to our hotel midnight.

13th December – we planned to go to Universal studio. We were using MRT all the way to Sentosa. Reached there during lunch time and to our surprise…. Most of the counters closed and they put “Tickets sold out”. GREAT!!!!!

I asked again to one of the counter if there was ‘any’ chances that we can buy the ticket. NO. NADA. All our expectation and excitement about universal studio went dead. We just took picture of Universal studio globe. Sigh! It really killed my mood.

Then, someone approached Acit asking if he needed some tickets to go into Universal Studio. I was curious why Acit making a blank face. I stood there and listened what they were talking about. It took less than a minute for me to make a decision. He had 14 tickets.. so I took 6 of it. though the price was a bit higher than the normal price. Guess what? I didn’t care how much the price he offered. I just want to go there so damn much. Thanks to him.. at least I felt the trip to go there MORE worthy ;)

We really had a good time at US. Fun and enjoyable. It took us almost 6 hours to cover all the theme sites.

That night… packing our stuffs into luggage! Gmah had many things to fit into one luggage so I offered her to put some into our bag too. Hehe.

14th December – our last day in Singapore and did a last minute shopping. We went to the airport around 3pm. Guess what?! AirAsia delayed again!!! NOT FUN!!! Our flight supposed to be departed at 5.30pm but they delayed until 7.30pm. GREAT!!

Thanks to SIA, they provided free internet surfing. At least I killed my boredom surfing and updating my status on FB. Then, there was this one time when I was in the toilet I heard the announcement said our GATE had changed but I couldn’t hear it very well. Too noisy in the toilet. Flushing. Then, I asked them if they did hear it too. They said… that was for KL flight. I didn’t bother to check the flight schedule too. We continued playing UNO cards while waiting for our flight.

Bla bla bla. It was almost 20minutes for our flight to depart and we decided to go to Burger king to buy something to eat later. We bought many foods. Acit was not with us. Maybe he wandered around the area. Okay…we were done with foods. Then, we went to our gate…. Okay.. this part is like a movie. SERIOUSLY. LIKE A MOVIE.

We went to the gate. To our surprise… it was not for KK! Our gate had changed!!! We totally forgot about it! The last word from security gate was “RUN!” WHY??? BECAUSE OUR GATE WAS ALREADY CLOSED AND IT WILL DEPARTED IN 10 MINUTES. Then… the fun part. WE RAN LIKE HELL!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA THAT WAS MY 2nd TIME RUNNING IN AIRPORT! CRAZY!!! Burger king??? Bam and Helmi.. They threw their food. Gmah and I still running with food. HAHAHA. Crazy! While gmah and me running like crazy… there was this one guy.. also running side to side with us. I though he too, forgot about his flight… but then.. He stopped half way. I was like… WHAT THE HELL?? LOL. That was funny~~

I was afraid that we might miss the flight. When we reached our gate.. the security guard was surprised to see why we ran like hell. She said “relax.. The gate still opens and still has 10 minutes.” SIGH! But I was thankful to know we didn’t miss the flight. You know what… I just realise HOW BIG THE AIRPORT IS. HAHA.

We finally departed at 7.30pm and reached KK at 9pm. We stayed at Api-api apartment. The place? Just nice. The price is freaking cheap (RM120) for an apartment but don’t expect too much ;) hehe.

15th December – we woke up late. Almost 9am. Haha. Too tired perhaps? My body also tired and need a good massage. I went to the nearby massage centre while they went to centrepoint and some at Mc’D. I think we spent too much time at Mc’D. lol. We finally reached Brunei at night. Bless us!

The end.

* * * *

2010 has been one of the best years in my life. I had travelled to many countries and see a lot of things that really opened my eyes. It’s true. I don’t know when travelling has become part of my hobby. Lol.

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine

My work is well balanced. I don’t have anything to complain about. Haha. All my colleagues are very helpful. I just don’t like to wake up early in the morning and have to drive all the way to seria. Lol. Traffic jam in sungai liang? I already immune to it.

Most of my lepak-lepak friends… are not here. Sigh! They all migrated to UK. They prefer to see white~~ haha. But still.. I have many awesome friends here ;) not to mention many new friends too. haha

Oh oh.. I think I need to end it right here… got many things to do tonight. Happy new year everyone! ;)

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