2011 - First post

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Hello y'all!

Happy new year again! Thanks to God, I still be able to write and post it here. After my unofficial first post at Friendster in July 2006, I didn't write much till December 28th on the same year. After that, I found out I have a passion in writing and still continue until now.

This blog was created to see how I have progress over the years and I can keep some part of my memories here. It also where I vent out my feelings, my emotions, and everything around me. Now I realize, I only blogging after I went back from vacation or just to fill a post so that I don't miss any missing month in the timeline.

I know many of my good friends also still keep on blogging till now.. just like me. Liley and Nana. They are my great buddies! I feel comfy with them. If I need to confess something... they are there to listen and give advices. Though we don't have time to chill like we were in ITB... our bond is still there. You guys rock my world! :)

I haven't come up with any resolutions for this year. But I have set many goals. I want to complete my Asian tour which left me to go for Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam. I can skip Vietnam though... hehe. One of my friend is inviting me to go with him to UK this coming June... but I will think twice coz I have other commitment for this first half of year. If ONLY I manage to save some $$$ before June or else... I might consider to go to US or Australia/New Zealand in december. I know this is too early... but PLANNING is important so that you know how to manage your $$$ wisely ;) *they said i'm addicted to travel... I bet I am... I just want to see the world!*

Talking about $$$... I have come up with my own spreadsheet and be my own personal financial advisor. I haven't save much money ever since I started work 18 months ago. I think I need to do it now... or never?

I need to be more focus this year. This is my final year to end 3-years development plan at my work. Then... It's a real job.

Oh... video to share with y'all ;)

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