My life as a runner…

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Life as a runner? Yes. Ever since i use my new shoe… I like to pressure myself to at least jog twice a week with a minimum of 6km run. This is because I want to make it as worthy as possible due to the fact that it was expensive when i bought it.

It is now coming 2 months and I still jog whenever I have time. HSBC Charity Run was my first exposure with 8km run. Then, I didn’t join for BIBD Charity Run (11km) and again missed for SOSRO 10km run coz I was in KL that time. Luckily, I registered my brother, me and a friend, acai, for SCB Charity Run. We joined 5km run.

It was a good SCB run. I didn’t win anything. *I didn’t expect to win… yet!* hahaha. It was also my best non-stop 5km run. whoa! I never expect it but yeah.. I’m happy Smile

Yesterday… another milestone for me… I joined 10km run for His Majesty B’day Celebration which was held at Tutong Sports Complex. We had to be there early and register ourselves. Actually, i wanted to go for 3km fun run… but then, when i saw a long queue of people wanted to join 3km run… I decided to join 10km run coz not many people went for it. Not!

I don’t like the organizer. Why? The registration took too long! It was supposed to be close at 6.30am but it dragged until 7++ am. SIGH. Then, the warming-up and aerobic session took too long too! Almost 30 minutes and the sun is high! Grr! Then, we run…

Another bad thing happened to many of us who were misguide by the wrong direction given by the unprofessional staff! WTH??! WTF?? DO YOU KNOW WE ALREADY LOST OUR TIME AND ENERGY??? WE WERE INSTRUCTED TO GO BACK! WTH WTH WTH! I was not in a good mood after that. Thanks!

Nevertheless… It was a good run for me. Not a winner but managed to reach the finish line. Thanks to my sony walkman w252 (I bought this a day earlier! Smile)that at least my mood return and I was on track again. hmph!

Run run run~

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