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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It has been a good 25 years i have live in this planet. I am grateful that God still let me to see this world until now. He has given me a great family, friends and love one (hoh???)

I never complain. I look forward each and every single day with positive though i know life always give you both happy and sad moments. It is entirely up to me how i should end the day either GOOD or BAD.

I am a type of person who do a lot of planning in my life especially after i had a 'wake-up call' after O level exam. It's not easy to reach where i am now. I know i still have lots of hope and dreams to achieve as well as for improvement. One thing that i really looking forward is to get my degree. I can't wait to hold that cert in my hand... amin.

Then, i will go travelling around the world. Hopefully the world is not going to end the next 10 years. Err... now many weird and strange phenomena happened around the world :s apocalypse?

Oh well... whatever. My country will live till 2035. WAWASAN 2035! LOL.

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