Travelling... to take leave or not?

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Travelling to other countries never fail to amaze me once I set my foot on it. Yes. I admit I can't get enough to see the world around me. This year I haven’t decided where to go but one of the destinations will be to climb Mount Kinabalu.

Maybe I can plan the trip to the mountain at the end of March or early April coz of my study holidays. This year I have lots of remaining leave that I can take but it will be a tough decision either to take it for vacation or to sacrifice it for my exams. Either way, chances of I’m applying it for exams are much higher than to have my vacation. Hmmm…. But… but… I love to have my vacation =(

I have 32 days of leave that I can take for this year. I have 4 exams that will commence March, June, September and December. I have to take at least 3 days for each of my exam month. Remaining? 20 days. Okay… I still have lots of holiday. What’s the big deal? IT IS A BIG DEAL FOR ME coz I want to carry forward 14 days for next year. What’s left for me in the end? 6 days for my vacation… sigh. Seriously 6 days????

I will not hesitate to take unpaid leave too just to have my vacation or for my exams. I don’t really care. Yes. You hear me. I will lose a big chunk of my salary… but I can’t buy time. Can you?

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