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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Time flies really fast... It's already a new quarter for this year. I am quite busy with work, study, and lots of things that i want to do every weekend. It has been more than 6 months i study at IGS. I can tell you lots of my time is fully occupied now and then.  Assignments, tutorials and exams are keep coming. I have projects and operationals work that i need to deliver too at my workplace. So far i still can manage a good work life balance. Thank god. I can't wait to finish this as soon as possible by next year but i know it will be a tough journey starting new semester in september where there will be one major project for my assignment and many projects at my work that need to be closed before the end of the year.... Well... Goodluck? I'm thinking to buy a new laptop and a tablet for me. Still surveing and read reviews for Dell/Asus laptops. I can't wait for the Asus Infinity TF700 tablet and Asus haven't give the Official release date yet. Why???? Or if there's no news yet till june... I may end up buying the new ipad.  My car also on PMS right now. Period. Talking about vacation... Hmm.... Where should i go for my next vacation? Let the time decide... I can't take any leave until december. Pff! Great. Anyhow, it feels great to type this on ipad. Oh oh... :o

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