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Saturday, May 05, 2012

Ok. Ignore the title. I don't have anyg particular topic to share at this time of writing. I will write anything that goes in my mind. Lol.

Selamat adau gayoh to all Dusun community anywhere in the world.

Happy b'lated b'day to my father too. I seldom talk to him. May god bless you with many happiness and good health. Long live!

The mother and the youngest brother will have the same birthday this coming 18. Hooray!

I'm looking forward for this HSBC event on 19th may as i signed up for 11.5km run last 2 weeks ago. I haven't got the time to go for a jog. Sigh. I don't jog to win the prize. I jog to get the feel and to know my best time completing the route. Usually i jog for a total of 6km in a week. That's the minimum. I have 2 weeks before the big event. Goodluck to me without injuring myself!

I realise nowadays drivers on the road are driving freakingly fast especially at highway. Not only small saloon car but as well as trucks, trailers and etc. Even government cars also driving fast. Are't they should set as an example to the public? Drive slow, live longer.

Hmm... i'm thinking to go to thailand this august. To attend an awesome event in asia... party and great music!

What else? Hmm... dono eh.

Bah night! ZZzz....

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