Sunday and raining...

Sunday, February 16, 2014

So here I am... blogging from my s4 (yes, my phone) and on bed. I prefer not to move around. So lazy. But it will not be too long coz I know myself of being boring doing nothing productive especially during weekends.

I bought a new speakers for my room so I can dance and sing crazily like a mad cow. I use my tablet as an online radio device and listening to capital london. I miss the good old days when Capital FM still broadcast here.

Can't realize that we are reaching the end of February. I saw a friend posted in our WhatsApp group with a chinese calendar having 30th February. I was like... okayyyyy! We have 2 extra days in 2014! Hahahaha

I miss you. I miss you not. I miss you. I miss you not. God.. please guide me. I'm learning to love again...

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