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Monday, December 01, 2014

Welcome to December!

How's life? How's everything? How have you been for the past 11 months? What about your goals that you set early this year, have you closed some of it or achieve it?

I, myself like many other people around the world on every new year, we like to list down our aims or wish lists to do for the rest of the year. I did mention in my blog sometimes in March that I wanted to travel to Euro, dive in an open water and hiking Mount Kinabalu... I did my euro trip in July/August and I registered myself at Poni Divers for the open water course in September. Completed my open water course yesterday too! Now waiting to sit for the exam this coming Saturday. Wish me luck! What about hiking at Mount Kinabalu? Hmmm... next year!

Sometimes people would make fun or laugh at your dreams but believe me, if you accomplished your dreams. They will more interested to know what are you going to do next. They envy you. I envy people for their awesome weird dreams or something that is impossible for you to achieve it at the first place.

I didn't go to work today. I woke up late. I took my time to shower. Weather was awesome in the morning. A good start for my December! 


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