Friday, December 05, 2014

What is a Fate?
Destiny or fate is a predetermined course of events.

Do you know your fate? I do believe that fate can change during the course of our lives. Twenty-plus years ago, as a kid I dreamed to be a pilot coz my father worked in the airlines industry. Every time a plane fly across the sky, I would stare and watch it to pass and disappear. My first fly experience was to Manila in 1993… since then my view of the world has change. I thought that one day I will become a pilot but… my fate is telling me that I was born to e where I am now.

I don’t like when people view their fate as a curse if they have failed or life is against them. God never give you test that you can’t handle. He knows that you are able to go through it. Like fate, your life can change if you make adjustment even if it’s just a small effort.

Don’t take my word seriously. You may have your own views.


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