Friday, March 27, 2015

Hey... what's up?

I am here at Alai's house waiting for the friday to pass. I am lazy to do anything today and would prefer just chill and see people at work. Talk and exchange ideas. Woops. Didn't they encourage to build relationships at work? Hoho. I can use that excuse *wink*

Friday is a blessing. I am counting day for  the vacation. 17 days to be exact. Many people have asked where i go this year. Relax. I haven't plan anything awesome this year but it's coming when you least expect it. Yup. Just.... wait for it. Oh, I'm going to Palawan! This place is in my wishlist to go since my solo trip to Boracay in 2011. Finally! See you there! ;)

I like travelling. It's a gateway for me to escape from hectic schedule, the endless drama and etc. This is the only time to explore and be yourself again.

Let's travel.

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