A good performance?

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Today our company's performance factor is out and i couldn't  agree more of the outcome.  My first thought.. it will be much lower than last year but it turned out just a slight decimals change.

Company's performance is everyone businesses but what about your own performance? You are on your own. I have been in my lowest performance for the year ending 2013. Who would have thought that when you have performed constantly for the past 4 years and suddenly your performance dropped. BAM! What happened? I've questioned myself too. Then i don't really give a fuck about it after a week my boss told about it.

2014 proved to be one of the challenging  year and guess what my boss gave me for my appraisal? A good performance report. The highest after all these years. So... what happened? I've no idea.

Politics? Hmmm.... maybe? Nevermind. As long as i receive my paycheck and an increase in my salary. That's all what matters. Right?

God, thank you for this beautiful life and I'm grateful. 

P/s: even if your are rich or you owned things that many people can't  buy or have it... im sorry. Open your eyes. Many people don't  realize the most precious and expensive are our parents, friends and your health that money can't buy. Be grateful!

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