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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Choosing car is not an easy task especially for the first timer who wants to own a car. I remember years ago when I first bought a car it took me months before I decided to go for Hyundai Tucson. It fits all the criteria. Diesel engine, SUV-type, spacious and awesome. My car is 6 years old now and having issues with the engine… I sent it to this Thailand workshop in Jerudong and waiting for them to give me some updates.

Hence, while waiting for my car to fix I go surveying new cars. I am actually thinking to buy a new car since my car only left 1 year with the bank. After looking at my balance sheet, I am looking a new car that is below $600/monthly. There are many cars that fall in this category, from sedan to SUV. I like to go for a Japanese car sedan (Mazda, Honda and Toyota).

I went to NBT Bunut showroom and there’s a new Toyota Corolla Altis on display. I have read all the good review about this car and the red colour is awesome. I don’t have a chance to go for a test drive but the salesman is trying to get me a slot next week or so. Everything is good about the car except it doesn’t equip with the leather seats.

Then I went to Honda showroom and instantly fall in love with Honda Civic. I always love to drive a Honda Civic and again there is no test drive available. Ouch. It really fits my criteria. A good engine, low fuel consumption (1.6cc), reverse camera and sensors, leather seats and good infotainment system.

After Honda, I went to Nissan showroom. Nissan Pulsar turbo is on display outside the showroom. I was like… WOW. I went for a test-drive and WOW. The cabin is good in handling the road noise and smooth gears transition. It doesn’t come with Bluetooth and the LCD screen is the smallest to my liking. Sigh.

Finally, I went to Mazda showroom next door. I fall in love with Mazda 6. Loving every bits of it. I did a test drive and WOW. All the criteria I look for a new car is there.

All of the cars above is 1.6cc except mazda 6 which is 2.5cc and the price is something not to be missed! Verdict? It is mazda 6 :)

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